The perimeter walls are constructed from reinforced concrete using the Arxx Wallsystem which consists of interlocking, lightweight, expanded polystyrene forms. The blocks are designed to be an integral part of the wall; the forms remain in position after the concrete is placed. The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete makes Arxx walls stronger, safer, quieter and more energy efficient than brick built houses. The external walls are finished with natural stone for an organic appearance. High performance triple glazed windows are installed the highest possible thermal performance.

The roof is constructed from steel beams and preservative treated timber. The roof is highly insulated between each timber member. The roof is finished with bitumen shingles with copper rain water gutters and snow guards. The rain water pipes are also trace heated to prevent freezing during the winter months.

There are three main heating systems installed. Under floor heating to all the stone and tiled floor areas for maximum comfort. Each floor area can be individually controlled by wall mounted thermostats. Recessed trench heaters are installed to the formal rooms on Level one and the Bedrooms on Level 2. Wall mounted radiators are installed in the basement and on Level 3. Two duel fuel boilers which can work on either gas or diesel fuel for greater reliability.

Additional features of this special house include:

- Centralized Security system

- Emergency lighting is provided to the main circulation areas

- Centralized Audio Visual system

- External CCTV cameras

- External lighting

- Mains powered smoke detector alarm

- Backup generator

- Telephone intercom system

- Provision to install an external chiller

- Water purification system

- Ceiling and walls are plaster finish and painted as standard

- Quality joinery throughout with painted skirting and architraves

- Excellent standards of floor, wall and roof insulation

There are two Air Handling Units in the house, one for the swimming pool area and the other for Level one and two. Both Air Handling Units ensures only the cleanest air is circulated throughout the house. The system provides cooling during the summer months and humidification during the winter months.

The house has the unique flexibility to install an elevator in the future. All necessary structural and electrical wiring are currently installed.




Turnkey Project for a luxury "New England Style" house in an exclusive housing complex including excavation, site preparation, construction & interior finishing

Location : Landshaft Village, Zhukovka, Moscow Region
Architects : Smiros & Smiros (US), Murray O'Laoire
Engineer : Arup
Area : 1,230 m2
Management : Murray O'Laoire