Barclays Capital is a global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, wholesale banking, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, is one of the World’s Leading Investment Banks.


This project was for the fit-out, from shell & core, of their offices in a newly constructed A Class Office Building in the centre of Moscow. Included in our works were a Trading Floor, large Data Centre and a Client Zone. We additionally re-constructed a part of basement areas of the office complex where we installed 2 back-up generators and a large UPS facility to ensure continuity of power supply to their critical systems.

Additionally, this was the first of their global offices to be built to their newly developed concept design. Following completion, the offices were used as their reference project for the roll-out to their facilities elsewhere in the world.

The project was nominated for the Best Office Awards


We have worked extensively over the past 20 years with Banking Institutions. In addition to this Client and BNP Paribas we have completed projects for Bank of America, CitiBank & CitiGroup, the World Bank, the IFC, the IMF, Alfa Bank, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase.



Office Fit-Out with Trading Floor, Data Centre & Critical Systems Support Facilities 


Location : Four Winds Plaza BC / Moscow 
Concept : TPBennett UK (Global Concept), 
Architect : Murray O'Laoire (Detailed Design)
Engineer : HurleyPalmerFlatt (UK)
Area : 2,000m2
Management : RPSi