CB "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (LLC) is a part of the JPMorgan Chase & Co. group which has been present in the Russian market since the early Seventies: Chase Manhattan Bank opened a representative office in Moscow in 1973. In 2001, the bank changed its name to the current one.

At present, Commercial Bank "J.P. Morgan Bank International" has its office in Moscow and offers a broad range of financial and banking services to legal entities, including currency conversion operations, money market transactions, securities and derivatives transactions. The bank does not provide its services to retail customers. The bank is one of the leading players on the Russian financial market


The project involved the provision & installation of critical system support for the Client's Trading Operation. We designed a custom-made, containerised generator power back up supply that we then installed in the basement of the Client's Office Building. To meet local standards, the container was sound-proofed and the exhaust from the generator was fitted with a specifically designed catalytic filter so that the fumes from the generator could be channelled to the outside of the building without causing any pollution.

The container was additionally fitted with a gas suppression system, leak detection system and an alarm monitoring system (linked back to the main building systems). Also an access control system was provided to ensure security of the installation.

Modifications to the main building sprinkler systems had to be undertaken to accommodate the above installation.

We also built an interface, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) which was also installed at the basement level. This was linked to both the generator and to the main distribution board for the Data Centre (located on the 12th Floor of the building).


Within the same Business Centre Complex (White Square) we have completed 3 further projects:

Offices for Tieto Enator - 710 m2

Offices for Itella NLC - 500 m2

Offices for BNP Paribas Investment Bank - 2,500m2



Critical support systems for offices & trading floor

Location : White Square BC, Moscow
Architect : Altaca
Engineer : Aecom
Management : Aecom